Garmin Marine Tearsheets

Always a joy and a reward to see finals presented in their absolute forms! From Seattle to Miami, with a stop in upper Minnesota…

Grundens 2020

Pre-COVID photoshoots seem… like they never happened. Looking back on the projects and campaigns of early 2020 and beyond are an enigma. We shook hands? We laughed next to someone, brushed shoulders, spoke to them while visually observing the movements of their mouth and their complete facial expressions?

A smile is something to share. A smirk is something to behold, especially on a fishing vessel. This guy for Grundens on the Silverwave at Fisherman’s Terminal, Seattle, WA. May COVID-19 disappear from the human race as soon as possible.

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Robert Carlson’s Got New Glass


From his glass imagination, Robert Carlson has created a new series of blown artwork. These pieces are delicately sown with vaporous hues and streaked with air pockets locked in time. Closest to a vase, they are signature art forms that glow in their own empty spaces.







All Across Africa – Women’s Cooperatives in Rwanda


In February of this year, I joined All Across Africa in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi for an amazing two-week journey through their women’s basket weaving cooperatives, as well as sewing schools designed for young adults. It was a beautiful experience showing the strength of a non-profit empowering locals by providing proper skill set training as well as a growing community of business development. The following are images throughout Rwanda. All products can be purchased by going to


















Please visit to support the women of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi

Cameron Karsten Photography

All Across Africa – Designs by Nightingale Handmade

All Across Africa in Kampala, Uganda

Earlier this year I spent two weeks with All Across Africa helping them rebrand their work throughout Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi. With their new website up and running, I’ve fallen in love with Margaret’s (Nightingale Handmade) designs on a few of the images created for AAA. Enjoy these beautiful postcards and go visit to make a purchase for the women of East Africa.

All Across Africa in Rwanda

Weavers and a Buy Day in Rwanda for All Across Africa

All Across Africa in Kampala, Uganda

All Across Africa in Rwanda

Weavers and a Buy Day in Rwanda for All Across Africa

Cameron Karsten Photography

Robert Carlson’s Glass Mind

BobCarlson-15Robert Carlson is an internationally-renowned glass artist and a master not in disguise.  Bob lives his life as an artist, from his work to his art collections and the uniqueness of his home, to the way he parties and likes his martinis.  I had the opportunity to photograph Bob while he was an artist-in-residence at the Museum of Glass Hot Shop in Tacoma, Washington, where he came up with and devised his newest creations from an imagination wild. Bob is pictured up, sketching his latest invention, pulling from depths of his mind something real.




BobCarlson-448On-hand apprentices assisted Bob throughout the week-long residency. Typically, after the glass is blown and cooled, he’ll spends months with the pieces, studying their forms and subtle messages found within shapes and processes.  Next he employs a reverse-painting technique using mirrors to create the imagery. These will appear on the back side of the glass structures, which take on a whole new dimension while viewing through the various refractions of glass.


BobCarlsonVert-044-EditHowever, after observing the unusual orbs and their phalangeal crystals, Bob decided otherwise and kept the mirrors on their walls and the pigments in their cans. The work was completely new and glorious in their own form. They are both animalistic and alien. They explore the connection of sexuality and misplaced possession. The glass art can be placed on one side and quickly flipped to be placed on a new set of legs, changing the viewers understanding of what is and what can be. These pieces are works of a genius, derived from a life undisguised from beauty itself.










SOG Knives: What Not To Do/Drunken Beach Party


Unveiling the faux SOG Knives Beach Party Campaign.  I had a blast with this shoot, from vision to pre-production to execution outdoors and the very fine details in-studio.  Then there was post-production.  Here you have the SOG Fielder knife, the SOG Machete and two SOG Tomahawk throwing axes (one chrome, one black) – and the characters that like to use them.








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Cameron Karsten Photography

Hana Organic Skincare product shoot


Hana Organic Skincare has a new line of all-natural organic products, which I had the pleasure to help showcase with product photography.  We threw in Ali Lorenz for something different, added a brush of essential creme down the right side of her face and shot her profile to come up with the above ad.  Go check out Hana Organic Skincare online or at the Bainbridge Island Farmer’s Market every Saturday.







Cameron Karsten Photography

Photo of the Day: The Gun Collector at 9



For the Gun Buy-Back Program project, I had to purchase an armory of squirt guns.  Instead of letting them go to waste, I laid them out in a different scenario.  Could this represent the gun collector at age nine?  Or does our adult behavior represent the love and care of our parents and the environment in which we’re raised?

Cameron Karsten Photography

Photo of the Day: Tele Smash


Now this was fun.  I brought two of my buddies over with the idea of creating an ad for a flatscreen TV.  Composited of multiple images, I slowly pieced through from right to left until the final shot with the action.  And we were nervous.  I heard of dangerous fumes inside old tube televisions, but this wasn’t that old.  So with a couple of deep breaths, some practice swings and snaps, and a wooden baseball bat, we counted down.  One.  Two.  Three.

It was the loudest sound.  Bat bouncing off the screen, cracking the wood but not the glass.  We were amazed.  Maybe he just swung wrong.  Second time.  One.  Two.  Three.

Again, this time the bat shattered and our ear drums rang.  Okay.  Something heavier.  With a neighbor’s sledge hammer we felt more confident, more practiced with the swing and the shutter release.  One.  Two.  Three.

Glass everywhere and the beautifully astounding sound of exploding glass.  And then the poof of powder, fumes.  We dropped our gear and ran out of the house.

All and all, once the dust had settled, the ventilation flowing, a mere two hours with a Shop-Vac and thick gloves cleaned the disastrous mess, revealing a 2-inch thick screen of glass now in a million pieces.  The bat never had a chance.  A few hours of PS6 later.  Success.

Cameron Karsten Photography