All Across Africa – Women’s Cooperatives in Rwanda


In February of this year, I joined All Across Africa in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi for an amazing two-week journey through their women’s basket weaving cooperatives, as well as sewing schools designed for young adults. It was a beautiful experience showing the strength of a non-profit empowering locals by providing proper skill set training as well as a growing community of business development. The following are images throughout Rwanda. All products can be purchased by going to


















Please visit to support the women of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi

Cameron Karsten Photography


  1. FABULOUS portraits, Cameron.

  2. April Frazier says:

    These are so. very. good. It is obvious that you were a perfect fit for their rebranding efforts. These images say so much, so clearly. I am just now learning about AAA and the moments and faces you have captured make it very real. Well done.

  3. Nice to see there is work for all in Rwanda! Thanks for sharing.

  4. blogtendi says:

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  5. Very colorful

  6. Very nice pictures, thanks for this post!

  7. smilyking1976 says:

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  8. Thanks for the gorgeous photographs and the web address! Absolutely beautiful and artistic wares whose purchase goes to help people who are trying to support their families and enrich their communities, sounds like in addition to I have a new favorite site for birthday gifts, Yule gifts, house-warming gifts, etc. What better way to help make the world a more stable and secure place for families and communities than to support these artisans?

  9. Beautiful pictures and story. Inspirational

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    Ganz toll, was afrikanische Frauenpower alles auf die Beine zu stellen mag! Gerade auch als Geograph bin ich beeindruckt und zuversichtlich, welche Möglichkeiten sich für diese Frauen auch durch das Internet ergeben!

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  13. Excellent work with the photography, I really do love the colors portrayed in their work. You really seemed to have caught that well

  14. Eli Nathanael says:

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  15. Awesome pictures! Great work!

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  18. get’s business

  19. Pictures full of life, beautiful color …

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  21. Thank you
    Blog fantastic
    Good luck

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  24. so beautiful… and suck beautiful women… with pure love and pasion in their eyes

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  26. Nice post, feel really inspired 🙂

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    Fantastic pictures!

  28. Barbara Brewis says:

    More stunning photographs! I love how you capture emotion…

  29. Jueseppi B. says:

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  30. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    I’ve bought some of the storage containers and given them as gifts.

  31. Some wonderful images 🙂

  32. really refreshing to see how woman make good their strength no matter its measure. good work Cameron.

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  34. Wow. Love the portraits! I learned something new today. Thank you.

  35. Absolutely brilliant work!

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    Look at that

  37. Beautiful post.

  38. Wonderful pictures, and wonderful memories. Thank you for giving us a look into something so beautiful and personal!

  39. Just fabulous.

  40. Fabulous spirits

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