Wedding Videography: Elizabeth + Kyle Gillum – July 31st, 2010 – Bainbridge Island, WA (full length)

Elizabeth + Kyle Gillum – July 31st, 2010 – Bainbridge Island, WA (full length)

I used a Canon HDv10 camcorder, tripod, Nikon D3 and a combination of 17-35mm, 50mm, and 70-200mm Nikkor lenses to create the following material.

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Film: Adult Functional Literacy with the Hamar by Global Team for Local Initiatives (GTLI)

Film: Adult Functional Literacy (AFL) in Minogelty by Global Team for Local Initiatives

Adult Functional Literacy (AFL) is at the core of the SHIP program. Unable to speak Amharic, the Ethiopian national language, the Hamar are unable to negotiate for themselves with the government or traders. AFL is teaching interested adults how to speak, read and write basic Amharic, as well as literacy with money and numbers.

Cam2yogi Productions Presents…

The latest and greatest development by Cameron Karsten.  A new website was launched for Cam2yogi Productions, representing multimedia captured from around the world complete with high-definition film footage and Cameron Karsten Photography.  Set up as a blog of travel films, this new website will be periodically updated with new content as Cameron prepares for his newest adventure in East Africa.  He will be traveling with Lily Brewis as they begin in Ethiopia before heading south thru Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda & Uganda connecting with various non-profit organizations in an effort to document the change and progress within the region.

The new website can be found at: