Global Team for Local Initiatives & Lori Pappas

Come join Lori Pappas, founder of BI-based Global Team for Local Initiatives (GTLI) on Friday, December 10th, from 5 – 6:30PM at The Bainbridge Commons on Bainbridge Island.  As founder of the non-profit, Lori spends over six months in Africa working with the Hamar Tribe of southwest Ethiopia and has returned to WA to share her stories of building a school to educate the Hamar women, as well as the trials of teaching the people basic hygiene and sanitation as preventative illness practices.  Earlier this year, Lily Brewis and I spent 10 days with Lori and the Hamar, documenting GTLI’s work with pictures and film.  I’m pleased to announce the debuting of the first short film I’ve helped put together about their work among the Hamar.  There will also be a slideshow, drinks and snacks to consume, as well as authentic Hamar jewelry and two fine art prints by Cameron Karsten Photography (matted and framed) depicting the Hamar people available for purchase.  Proceeds will go towards Global Team for Local Initiatives.  I hope to see you there!

Photography: The Hamar Tribe (Ethiopia, Africa)

Global Team for Local Initiatives and the Hamar Tribe of SW Ethiopia

Global Team for Local Initiatives (GTLI) is dedicated to helping indigenous people lead healthy lives. Working closely with tribal elders, GTLI helps implement sustainable development projects for long-term survival and income generating activities for immediate relief.

Currently, GTLI is working with the 23,000 member Hamar tribe in remote southwest Ethiopia. Through projects in water, health, education, and income generation, they are helping this ancient tribe, affected by drought and disease, gain the skills they need for continued survival.

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Film: Adult Functional Literacy with the Hamar by Global Team for Local Initiatives (GTLI)

Film: Adult Functional Literacy (AFL) in Minogelty by Global Team for Local Initiatives

Adult Functional Literacy (AFL) is at the core of the SHIP program. Unable to speak Amharic, the Ethiopian national language, the Hamar are unable to negotiate for themselves with the government or traders. AFL is teaching interested adults how to speak, read and write basic Amharic, as well as literacy with money and numbers.

Photo Essay: Attire for Bridal Goodbyes

Photo Essay: GTLI’s Issue, Hamar’s Battle – Water

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Photo Essay: Elders of the Hamar, Lower Omo Valley

Photo Essay: The Hamar Tribes of Tuti’s Ethiopia

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Photo of the Day: The Constable

Hamar Tribe, Ethiopia

Welcome to Wasemo in Menogelty in the Lower Omo of Ethiopia.  This is the Hamar region where tradition prevails as elders meet with their guns, muscle and testosterone while work with Lori Pappas of the Bainbridge Island based nonprofit Global Team for Local Initiative.