Travel Film: The Wildside to Lamu

Lamu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Narrow winding alleys, exquisitely carved wooden doors lining coral pathways and the bustling Arabs with the men’s flowing white gowns and the women’s mystic black bui-buis (traditional Islamic head scarves), each sparkling in the fierce village lighting.  The town is enchanting with scents of humanity harvesting, preparing and cooking spicy Swahili dishes.  Mix the aromas with various loads of donkey dung, cat shat, raw prawns and decomposing red snapper, and some squashed cockroaches into the perfume and viola—a rustic seaport ripe with tradition.  Only two cars exist on the island—one belonging to the hospital, the other to the police station—therefore the colony of donkeys dominate transportation, together with the fleets of dhows and long narrow motor boats.

To watch the newest film about our experience in Lamu, which is directed and produced by Cam2Ygoi Productions, please follow the below link.  Forewarned… the film is 10:33 minutes, with film footage, photographs, dialogue and music, so the downloading time will require patience:

The Wildside to Lamu

Viewing also available on Vimeo at:

Cam2yogi Productions Presents…

The latest and greatest development by Cameron Karsten.  A new website was launched for Cam2yogi Productions, representing multimedia captured from around the world complete with high-definition film footage and Cameron Karsten Photography.  Set up as a blog of travel films, this new website will be periodically updated with new content as Cameron prepares for his newest adventure in East Africa.  He will be traveling with Lily Brewis as they begin in Ethiopia before heading south thru Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda & Uganda connecting with various non-profit organizations in an effort to document the change and progress within the region.

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