The Unstoppable Grads of Seattle Colleges 2020

Seattle Colleges is a place I call home, as well as a wonderful client with enriching creative projects. Last month we visited 8 different locations to film and photograph recent graduates. Below are the finals, as well as a link to the video created by Grant, Jordan and the crew of C+C Marketing in Seattle, WA

 Watch the film – Seattle Colleges Class of 2020: Unstoppable

The Explorers’ Club

_N9A6670The Explorers’ Club hiking through the jungles of Bainbridge Island.  When I was a child, I was obsessed with exploring.  I wanted to go everywhere and find anything new that I could set my eyes upon and reach for.  The above image was shot for a family with this exactly in mind, putting me in their feet back when I was a child in search for adventure.





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Post-Apocalyptic Youth Survival Group


Here’s a look at the newest project, creating a youth group surviving in a post-apocalyptic world.  Living as a nomadic family, these characters have bonded and divided up the tasks in order to hunt, cook, carry, prepare and maintain within a hostile world.  They’re in constant threat, picking their way through a tattered landscape, foraging for their everyday amenities.  Thank you to the Field’s family for participating and going along with my vision.

YouthPortraits-28On the move

YouthPortraits-35Portrait of the Water-Bearer

YouthPortraits-40Portrait of the Fire-Carrier

YouthPortraits-67-EditPortrait of the Fire-Carrier II

YouthPortraits-102The Hunter and The Hunted


Eagle Eyes

YouthPortraits-113The Kill

YouthPortraits-178Portrait of The Hunter

YouthPortraits-217The Pool of the Un-Drinkable


YouthPortraits-213Fishing the Uninhabitable

YouthPortraits-219Alone and Surviving


Portrait of the Warrior


Portrait of the Warrior II

YouthPortraits-247The End of Innocence

YouthPortraits-224Back to the Woods

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Cameron Karsten Photography: Baby Joseph at 1 week

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Born April 10, 2011, baby Joseph Brewster is already a man on a mission, endearing in the eyes of all, especially his parents, Kasandra and Kenneth Brewster.

Family Portrait Photography: Family Reunion at Ken’s 80th (Bainbridge Island, Wa)

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Photography Essay: Robin Karsten – A New Day

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Family Portrait: Jeromy, Kevin, Eli & Marco

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