Malecón Nights


The thrill of travel is not just the location, change of weather, exotic food, cold crisp lager or sweet watered-down poolside cocktail; and neither that departure from the doldrums of a 9-5er as adventurer enters the foray of a new culture. In large part, it is the people and the very fine reclusive act of people-watching. Amble to a reposed locale, with or without inclement weather, put on your sunnies and take in the forms, motions, gestures and secret underlying nature of humanity’s greatest gift: the fleeting expression.

For this, I headed to the great malecón – Mazatlan, Mexico’s fine gift to locals and foreigners alike. The malecón is a boardwalk stretching a total of 13 miles along Pacific sand and stone, one of the world’s longest waterfront escapades. By daytime it’s sparsely populated, the heat and harsh bite of sun repelling personnel. But by night, as twilight dims, those heavenly swathes of orange, yellow and pink fade into sheer depths of purple, the individual and group collide along the concrete seawall. There are walkers. There are joggers. There are bikes, dogs, merchant stalls, blustery palms and ephemeral statues of a past Carnaval: el malecón.














New York City is Black, White and All-Encompassing


I see New York City in black and white.

Take away all the flickering lights, the sirens and neon dashboards of Time Square.  Strip away the info panels and varying colors of orange, yellow and blue emanating from street posts, from billboards of business and commerce.  Add a sunny fall day.  Let it stretch out those oblong shadows, appearing like identical characterizations chasing every man, woman, child, pet dog and moving transportation.  Let it bounce off the glass cathedrals that tear into the sky, reflecting once, twice, maybe three times into the soft shower of diffusion. Add clouds and see the geometry of humanity unfold in pattern after pattern, revealing how intrinsically woven we are into the chaos of Mother Nature.

It’s maddening among the crowds as they each race toward their God-given creed.

Now, turn all to black and white and there only remains a lingering elegance of time passed, one cherished from the yesteryears that will only be forgotten as one shiny element after another flares passed the weary observer.
















New York City

_N9A9693New York’s is pretty damn great.  The thinner the dough, the crispier the crust, the more one can indulge in the topping’s flavors.  Another spectacular characteristic about the city of New York are its’ people.  There are millions.  And thousands of languages.  With my couple of weeks exploring NYC I’ve taken to walking, using two feet to get everywhere.  I find it’s the absolute best way to observe one’s surroundings, watch city-life pass by and happen upon those split-second moments that will never occur again.










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Photography Essay: Extreme Street Photography (Seattle, Wa)

Wandering the streets of Seattle as spring rains begin their descent, streets juxtapose one another as the dreary dead intermix with colorful showers of rebirth.  These photographs were taken within a 4 hour time period with a manual 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor lens mounted on a Nikon D3.