Photo of the Day: ICP Award Selection & Burke Museum Public Opening Saturday, June 30th

Opening Day
Saturday, June 30
10 am – 5 pm

Join the Burke Museum as the winning photographs of the International Conservation Photography Awards are revealed at the exhibit’s Opening Day, and my award-winning image Lanes, pictured below:

“Lanes”, © 2012 Cameron Karsten Photography

Get a rare glimpse into how the photos were captured and the selection process behind the competition. Four of the honored photographers will speak about their work, photographic techniques, and passion for conservation on June 30. Judges from the panel will offer visitors guided tours of the exhibit.

Click here for a schedule of activities and details.

Opening Day activities are included with museum admission and are FREE for Burke members.

The 2012 International Conservation Photography Awards exhibit is organized by the Burke Museum in partnership with the ICP Awards.

Photo of the Day: A Honeybee’s Day is Labor Day

Tireless in their pursuit, worker bees of the honeybee colony collect pollen during the summer season from sunrise to sundown.  The pollen is stored within sacks on their rear legs, and once full, the honeybee returns to the hive where she stashes it into cells made of wax.  With time, the pollen metamorphoses into honey and is kept for winter’s surplus.

Photo Essay: Hurricane Ridge – Snowshoeing outside of Port Angeles, Washington

The Raptors of Sardis

“Bu” the Eurasian Eagle Owl

“Wanagi” the Bald Eagle

“Arrow” the Barred Owl

“Einstein” the Juvenile Bald Eagle

“Mote” the Barn Owl

“Argentina” the Swainson’s Hawk

At Sardis, our goal is to rehabilitate and release as many animals as possible. However, due to injuries or circumstances, sometimes an animal cannot be returned to the wild. We care for a number of non-releasable creatures and use some of them in our educational programs.

Above are a few of the permanent residents.

Photo of the Day: Above in Morning Waters

Photo of the Day: Diani’s Dawning