Photo Essay: Catalog Spreads

After weeks and months of design, storyboarding, preproduction, shooting and post, the following seven catalog spreads are finally complete.

Bee vs. Bee-keeper: Above is a shot of a Northwest bee-keeper harvesting the season’s honey, while to the right a bee flies, stinger ready, protecting the colonies winter surpluses.

Foote Board:  Inside his mobile shaping room, PNW surfboard shaper Kelly Foote sands down a new design.

Carlson’s Imagination:  Internationally-renowned glass artist Robert Carlson prepares the next phase of his creative process, applying paint to the artforms.

Prince Rolex:  An early 20th century Rolex watch worn in style.

DDT Apocalypse:  DDT, a pesticide banned in the US, explodes with devastating consequences.

Lang Tattoos:  Woodblock print artist Tracy Lang transforms her career as a tattoo artist.

Kelly Foote Surfboards:  A new design, a new board, more waves.