Seattle Central Creative Academy: Photography Assignment (Clothing)

Apparel.  The working man/woman’s gloves – Carhartt.  Comes with a price, too.  At just under $30, I purchased these with the intent of photographing and returning them.  Taped to a hammer, stuffed with cotton balls and a sock, hung with 6lbs fishing line and stabilized with a chopstick.  It was hung in front of a black background with two white cards camera left and camera right.  There was a diffusion panel above and a gold reflector card beneath.  Two Q-flashes camera right and camera left in Strobo mode each flashing fifteen times while I dragged the shutter speed to 1 second.  After checking the exposure in LR3, I then shot the background, the top of a nail, with a 100mm Macro, and edited the final photograph in PS5.  Viola.  A fun shoot of construction and design, problem-solving and improvising.

Location: CK Studio, Bainbridge Island, WA

Camera/Lens Specifics: Canon 5D Mark II with Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Zoom Lens

50mm, 1 sec at f/16, ISO 200, tripod mount, trigger fired.

Post: Adobe LR3 & PS5