Harvest 2022

with Cornerstone Ranches – Lower Yakima Valley, Toppenish, WA

Every end of summer, the valley is buzzing with activity. Whether an apple harvest, grape harvest, or what the region is known for, a beer brewing hops harvest, there are people, machines, noises, scents, and 24/7 labor until every last commodity is picked, processed and delivered. For farm owners it is time of little rest. And for seasonal workers whom some have traveled far to support themselves and their families, it is an opportunity that only comes once a year.

Cornerstone Ranches produces some of the world’s finest hops and apples. But in terms of beer brewing hops, breweries from all around the country come to visit Graham Gamache’s historic hops facilities. Within the Yakima Valley of Washington State, an astounding 75% of the world’s beer brewing hops are grown and processed. And Graham’s Cornerstone Ranches has been within the industry for generations, growing some of the finest cones for beer brewing.

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Seattle Central Creative Academy: Photography Assignment (EDFAT – aka Stranger Danger)

Ian Cipra is a man with a passion for apples.  Working the tourist crowds of Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA, Ian sells not only apples, but grapefruits, plums, seasonal fruits and loads of vegetables.  One day it might be a free slice of pear to push their sales.  The next might be an orange.  But on this day, he was representing the crisp sweetness of the Jazz apple.  And thus the tourists flocked – passing, observing, tasting, purchasing – while the apple man put on a show of  wit and camaraderie.

The assignment was to photograph a stranger.  Approach someone.  Collect a volume of point of views:  EDFAT.  Broken down, it stands for 1) ENTIRE, for observing the entire subject; 2) DETAILS, dissecting the subject into specific details; 3) FRAME, framing those details into strong, original compositions; 4) ANGLE, to shoot a variety of angles; and 5) TIME, building visuals by using slices of time.  After 500 frames, an hour and a half of time, and switching between four different lenses for variety, Ian Cipra came out with energy and sold loads of jazz apples to smiling customers.

Location: Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

Camera/Lens Specifics: Canon 5D Mark II with various lenses

variety of settings

Post: Adobe LR3 & PS5