Photo of the Day: The Gun Collector at 9



For the Gun Buy-Back Program project, I had to purchase an armory of squirt guns.  Instead of letting them go to waste, I laid them out in a different scenario.  Could this represent the gun collector at age nine?  Or does our adult behavior represent the love and care of our parents and the environment in which we’re raised?

Cameron Karsten Photography

Photo Essay: Graniel’s Dreamland Product Photography, Wooden Bowl

After traveling to Ambergris Caye in Belize, photographing various artists utilizing the skill and exactitude of their hands, I purchased one of the wooden bowls from Graniel’s Dreamland as a gift, gifted, took it back and brought it into the studio… whew.  And now it’s done.


Full bowl studio shot


Close-up bowl studio shot combined into catalog spread with on-location workshop shot

Photo of the Day: The Grinder Diptych

Inspired by Mustang Matt’s Honorable Mention in The Lucie Foundation Awards, I finally took the time and necessary steps to combine the two images into a final diptych.  The portrait of the DeWalt Metal Grinder required rework, exchanging the original yellow vignetted background for a strong maroon in order to coalesce with the light inside the aged Mustang.

Location: SCCA Studios, CK Studios and On-Location

Camera/Lens Specifics: Canon 5D Mark III with Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Zoom Lens and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens

composite w/variety of settings, ISO 100, tripod.

Post: Adobe LR4 & PS6