2019 Pictorial ReCap

Good times all around. A few selects from 2019 including clients Discovery Channel, Grundens, Sage, Patagonia, Danner Boots, Cornerstone Ranches, and more from the Pacific Northwest to Belize and Costa Rica. Here’s to another year and more relationships being built. Visit http://www.cameronkarsten.com for more:


  1. John Morrow says:

    Cam: Thanks for continuing to send me these great emails. I always enjoying your photographs and finding out about all of the great places that you get to go for your assignments.. You are often in my thoughts as I reflect on some of our joint memories  It is always very special to run into Lilly and your little ones. Hope your Holidays were special and that 2020 is great year for all of you. Love You. John

  2. Robin Tremper says:

    What amazing photographs and an amazing year for you! Congrats Cameron!

  3. Barbara Lee says:

    Great work, Cameron.

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