Fine Art Photography: Earth’s Spiral

Earth’s Spiral (21″ x 14″) – Queensland, Australia 2008

Black and White giclée fine art print

1st of 25 editions

Crescent moonlight matting with Nielson matte black framing

Matted/Unframed: $295

Matted/Framed: $345

by Cameron Karsten Photography

(currently exhibited in the Eastman Building next to Moda Salon – Bainbridge Island, Wa)


  1. Hi Cameron, just wanted to drop by and say that I think your photograph came out great. I like the desaturated tone to this image a lot. Thanks for sharing this,
    – Nate

    • Hey Nate,
      Thanks for the comment. I took the shot a few years back in Queensland, Australia while WWOOFing on a pineapple farm. The flower is a periwinkle.
      I love your work, especially the post The Ability to Grow Anywhere. Beautiful, brotha!

      • Thanks for the compliment on my photograph. How was your WWOOFing experience? I’m all about just traveling to anywhere possible and interacting with different cultures, and WWOOFing was recently recommended to me as a way to do that at little to no cost. Thanks,
        – Nate

      • WWOOFing was amazing. Fantastic way to interact with locals and get your hands in the soil. I would love to keep WWOOFing and work with the land in foreign cultures, but as of now I’m doing it in my own backyard, creating organic veggie gardens, small fruit tree/edible orchard, composting, and getting into natural beekeeping… in part thanks to WWOOFing. Go on their website
        and see where you want to go and what type of farm. Where are you now? Argentina?

  2. That sounds pretty incredible. I was on the WWOOFing website all day today reading into different farms in different locations. There are so many choices! I’m not 100% sure where I would like to go but I found a couple places of interest. I’m back in the states now. I live in CT, and am about to finish my undergrad in 2 months. My mother and grandparents are all wondering where I’m going to work when I graduate, but I can’t really see myself being ready to get glued to the whole sleep-work-sleep-work-sleep lifestyle. Not yet- maybe not ever. I’ll get an English degree, so I’m also considering traveling somewhere to teach the English language, but I want to do something that offers not only an incredible experience helping out, but an opportunity for me to work on my photography as well.

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