Photo Essay: RIP – Sir Howard of Fletcher

The greatest, most largest, most gargantuan red golden retriever has been laid to rest.  Sir Howard of Fletcher joins the ranks of eternal bliss.

At thirteen years old, Old Man Withers lived a beautiful regal life.  On his final day, a McDonalds cheeseburger and ice cream cone touched his palate like a king before two final injections sedated Howie and sent him to his final sleep.  We love you Howie.  You were the best companion!  XOXO


  1. Micki Brose says:

    Cameron, we lost our beloved Lucy (St Lucy we called her). She was the most precious Golden you would ever want. A true joy to our family and sorely missed even today. She and Howie will definitely get along.

  2. kathryn leslie says:

    I applaud you Sir Howard of Fletcher for all the love you brought to life!!!!
    Much warmth to you Robin, Cam, Chels and all…

  3. Rosemary Tracy says:

    Dearhearts……..I knew how special Howie was to each of you. You all treated him like the splendid human being that he was….albeit in the body of a Golden. He is now free of his aching body……..and that is right. I love you all…..xxxxx the other mama

  4. mel malmberg says:

    love the dog, love the photos, love the family….love to all — mel

  5. Howard was a Golden Prince, for sure, and a true flag bearer of this wonderful breed.

  6. Becky Youle says:

    Cameron, I’m an old friend of your mom’s from the Diamond Bar years. I periodicallly do a look-see of my friends on facebook. I came across this and I want to give you the highest praise. I didn’t know Howie, but wanted to comment on your art. As an artist and art teacher the greatest accomplishment of any work of art is to bring emotion. I have to keep wiping my eyes in order to write this. The collection is beautiful, and the one of your mom with her head on Howie at the end is one of the most emotionally charged and beautiful photos I have ever seen. Do something with it. It is fabulous.

    • Hey Becky,

      Thank you for your encouragement and support! I do appreciate it immensely, while I’m finding the challenges of promoting my art and getting it out there. I think adding emotion to the image… or maybe rephrased… emphasizing the emotion of the experience on film… is the most rewarding experience for me. It’s what fuels my passion to then have the opportunity to share that with others and allow them to feel the moment lived and gone forever. Thank you!

      In Peace,

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