Photo of the Day: The Gun Buy-Back Program



An idea pops into your.  You’ve been listening to the radio, following current events, examining your place in the constant shifting world.  Then the idea takes shape, morphs into words, thoughts, conversations and a variety of imagery.

The gun buy-back program has been incorporating our society.  The process flowed through my brain-waves and thus the above image.  I wondered about the origins, the beginnings of such violence permeating humanity.  Then I read an article in this month’s National Geographic entitled The Left Bank Ape, which explores the unique adaptations between two species along the Africa’s Congo River.  The north side (or right bank) are our common ancestors, the chimpanzee, whom we share 98.4% of our genetic DNA, while the south side (or left bank) is the bonobo.  And what makes these two species of primates markedly different are their social behaviors; during disputes the chimp is more aggressive, often resulting in death, while the bonobo prefers the tender acts of affection and using sex to solve issues within the community.

Observing today’s violence around the world, I ask:  Where did we come from?  Where are we going?  And what are we doing to get there?

Cameron Karsten Photography