Ethan Currier – Sculpting the Power of Stone

EthanCurrier-366To cut stone sounds like a recipe of alchemy. But it takes power, not always the power of enormous piston-driven spikes and powder-lit explosives. Often, with the right hand-tools and visionary skill, rocks can be as easily molded as clay. Meet Ethan Currier.




EthanCurrier-244When on Bainbridge Island, Ethan lives in Eagle Harbor aboard his 1940s’ refurbished navy boat, building unique rock sculptures by day. Located in a small modest workshop, which once ran as a single-pump gas station, Ethan brings in specific stones to match his concept of upcoming projects, visualizing their forms and structure prior. By design and with the use of few hand-tools, these ordinary stones take on new organic shapes.





EthanCurrier-235Having spent the summer on the east coast working on boats and building commissioned pieces for personal gardens and cityscapes, Ethan continues to create, building a reputation and potential-future following like those of artists Andy Goldsworthy and Dale Chihuly. A controvertial sculpture on a city-owned island Blakely Rock brought him in contact with people who both love and disapprove of his work. Over four nights in the middle of winter in 2012, Ethan installed a 12-foot tall stone man in the common yoga posture Tree Pose. Visible from the east shores of Bainbridge Island, as well as along the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry route, the sculpture has become in need of further special attention. Upon his recent return, people have continually asked him about it. He responds with a calming smile, “It needs repairs.” Locals now are expressing their interest in helping in anyway possible in its resurrection.







  1. Interesting photos. It looks quite a skill 🙂

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