India – People + Places

They-Told-Us-To-Sit---Version-3India is a monstrous mothership of light.  I’ve spent 8 months total in the country, traveling from north to south along the west edges.  It is its’ own planet, huge and all-consuming.  I love reflecting back on my travels; the people, culture, food, the lessons learned.  I can’t wait to return.

An-Orange-Dove---Version-2Buddhist monk passing along a Peace Crane made out of origami paper

DSC_0037999---Version-2Man & hut in the Gujarat Desert

Indian-Blessings---Version-3Mother India

Shiva's-MaskingShiva on the streets of New Delhi

Thoughts-of-Another-Home---Version-2Exhaustion in exile in the Himalayas

DSC_0016999---Version-2Boys outside the meeting hall

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