The U.S. Senate and Your Children



Thanks to the “shameful” state of our country’s Senators, the expanded gun-buyer background check failed yesterday with a 55-45 vote against the plan.  Without tougher gun-control laws, the US Senate potentially disregards the safety of our country’s children and citizens, allowing equal ease to gun access, and essentially setting up continued failure on the ban of assault-style weaponry and high-capacity magazines.  What school, Town Hall, movie theater and crowded shopping mall is next?



Cameron Karsten Photography


  1. These are great images – really really moving and powerful.

  2. John Morrow says:

    Good job Cam!! Lets get together, you tell me when.

    Sent from my iPhone John Morrow

  3. Hello Cameron! I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed perusing your photo gallery; and how I appreciate the photos being of everyday people doing things they enjoy doing. Thanks for sharing!

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