Photo Essay: International Rescue Committee (IRC) Seattle Chapter

CameronKarsten2013_NonProf1Having recently connected with International Rescue Committee’s (IRC) Seattle Chapter, doors opened to a host of incredibly humbling experiences.  Shooting for them takes me back to my travel roots, experiencing other cultures and the people.  The above photograph is a group of recently arrived refugees from Nepal and Bhutan who wanted to create a knitting community.  The experience being there resulted in the women erupting in traditional song and laughter, with communication spoken via hand and body gesture.

Started in Seattle in 1976, little presence is known of their existence within the city.  The continuing goal working with them is to create a library of imagery that they can utilize as posters, thank you cards, newsletters, website material and more.  Below are more images taken for IRC’s Seattle Chapter.


A knitting community created by recent arrivals of IRC’s Seattle Chapter


A daughter who recently arrived from Eritrea sees her father for the first time in over one year.


A joyous father is happily reunited with his daughters after flying into SeaTac from Eritrea.


A woman practices job training skills at an activity created by IRC for newly arrived refugees.


A man from Burma studies basic job training skills in Tukwila, WA after arriving to the United States three months ago.


A teacher back in Burma, now faces a new language, a new culture, and a new set of skills acquired at IRC’s job training class.


Denis, a refugee from Bosnia under IRC from over 14 years ago, now volunteers to help new arrivals adapt to American culture and job market.

Learn more by visiting IRC Seattle Chapter


Cameron Karsten Photography

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