Photo Essay: Aaron’s VW and The Sequester


Aaron Kuester is a busy man.  With a wife and 3 year old son, work as a steel-shaper of sorts at Kitsap’s Naval base, and an enthusiastic car builder and racer.  Currently, he’s working on building a custom Volkswagon Beetle Baja Desert Racer, not necessarily for the Baja 2000 Off-Road Race, but some day… some day.

But with The Sequester approaching on March 1st, 2013, government spending-cuts will affect Aaron and his family.  As an employee repairing the steel parts of submarines and naval ships, the full-force of the $85 billion-dollar cuts would mean his 5 day work-week will crunch to 4 days within the 22-day furlough.  Anything longer will be technically a lay-off, which Aaron, as well as every other government employee, hopes will remain a distant impossibility for him, his family, and his hobby.

On a quiet President’s Day afternoon, Aaron invited me into his garage, and below are some of the images I created with four strobes, some daylight fill and a little PS6.









Cameron Karsten Photography


  1. You’ve managed to capture some interesting photos out of something that doesn’t really interest me at all 🙂

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