Wedding Photography: Brighid & Evan Siamas wedded July 26th, 2010 at Kitsap Memorial State Park in Poulsbo, WA


  1. Jacqui Dunbar says:

    Hello there my little China! Bet you thought I had disappeared off the surface of the planet 🙂 ahem, just been meditating since returning from the glorious India 😉 Just looking through your gorgeous wedding photos and made me finally get back to you….I have been meaning to for ages!!! Just to let you know that Ricardo and I have not finalised anything yet re wedding but still looking at Scotland, Castle, Braveheart theme etc….and whilst we have someone as part of the package here we would love you to be our photographer. So as soon as I have any more details and plans I will be sure to let you know. These photos, are awesome as always. Love to you and Lily, Jacqui x

    • Jambo Yogini!

      No hurries, no worries. I knew you were out there in this world relishing in its beauty. And I’m stoked for the idea to participate, contribute and help create your beautiful upcoming ceremonies. I would be absolutely honored! Keep in touch sista.
      Sendin’ love and peace.

  2. Hi, I’m really impressed with these wedding shots. It looks like such an amazing venue amongst all the trees. I am so jealous, we never get such amazing light in the Uk, we are normally having to put up with grey skies!!! Keep up the great work. Thanks Robin

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