Dire Dawa to Djibouti City & The Faces of Ethiopia


  1. Hilary Beam says:

    Cam, great pics, makes me feel like I’m there with you. Lily, a beautiful video, your grandpa would/is very proud of you I’m sure!

  2. Lovely photos and video friends. Enjoy the ride. Safe travels. xoxo

  3. Robin Karsten says:

    Beautiful photos, video and tribute. Much love to you both. Can’t wait to see you again.

  4. mel malmberg says:

    hey cam and lilly, congrats on the news and the great video. I”m sharing w/ kellan who is into Invisible Children, they came to his school and made an impact on him…ugandan child soldiers. cam, some wonderful shots! and loved the music track. xx mel ps stay safe & healthy & have fun!

  5. Beautiful. Thank you both for sharing!

  6. Poetic, wonderful, emotionally wrenching. visually rich. Keep the posts coming…and thanks for being there. You two look good.

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