10 Online Magazines That Survived (& will continue to survive) the Writer’s Market

It is often daunting to think of presenting your personality to an audience, whether in the form of art such as painting, drawing or sculpting, down to the very basics of speaking a hand-written speech to a rabble of family, friends and strangers.  You express.  You divulge in a passion.  But are you ready to share?

As a writer, you are an artist with words.  They are your tools like a paintbrush is to a painter.  And language is your color palette; a vast choice of styles, techniques and individuality.  Once the order is composed, the structure aligned and your voice vibrant with character, it’s time to reveal your creation and share.

But how?  What’s next is the submission process to expose your artistic skill as a writer to audiences that will gain a new perspective and understanding, and hopefully appreciate your abilities.  Below is a list of publications that cater to the adventurous, the culture dwelling, and the storyteller of the senses—lived by travelers, composed by travelers and read by travelers.  These peoples are your friends, and they’re hear to assist you in your passion.

Action 1 (Mandagho-Peace)

Travel Explorations
Want to expose the fearful?  TravelExplorations.com is an online magazine devoted to shedding grassroots light where there is media darkness, revealing a culture from behind the iron curtain by true explorers.  Real travel.  Real adventure.  Real investigation by undercurrent people.  No mainstream bullshit here.
Editor(s): Geir Moen & Stein Morten Lund
Submissions: Compose an article about your adventure, an exploration—a journey into the heart of “darkness”.  Spice it with your soul at 1,000-1,500 words and email the symphonic words to Stein@TravelExplorations.com

Inside Out Magazine

By backpackers and the independent wayfarers, this bimonthly publication is for those who prefer the new versus the old.  Instead of consuming, collecting and rotting within the four walls of daily routine, sell your shit, hit the road with a new lifestyle on your back and begin exploring the cultures of this planet.  Ready to share?  InsideOutMag.com
Editor(s): Helene Goupil
Submissions: Briefs, tips and facts; destinations to languages, health to the traveler’s life—pull your words into a structured alignment for the budgeteer and send it off to submissions@insideoutmag.com.  Upon publication you’ll receive $10-$20 for your expenses.

Go World Travel Magazine

“Honest, down-to-earth descriptive writing” is the focus of this magazine.  Prizing intelligent composition, GoWorldTravel.com wants more than the How to get there and the What to do.  They want the picture of a back alley in Fez painted in twilight mood and a spice market within Kashmir to tickle your nose and water your eyes—all with words.
Editor(s): Mim Swartz, Rachel Barbara & Sheri L. Thompson
Submissions: Travel within the last two years is good for description, so recall your memory or sculpt a new journey within a 500-1200 word article.  Check your facts before shipping it to submissions@goworldpublishing.com.  Include article location in the e-mail subject line with your pasted manuscript, word count, brief author biography and whether images are available.  $35-$50 upon publication.

The Cultured Traveler
Whether freelance or tour host/travel agency, TheCulturedTraveler.com works around a monthly editorial calendar with theme-based publications searching for stories about the unexpected, the bizarre and the eclectic.  Not only anecdotes, but facts, tips and resources are necessary for the all-around traveler’s account.
Editor(s): Patrick Totty
Submissions: With the regal elegance of an opera performance, conduct your language into a 1,000-3,000 word count and invest in the guidelines.  Specifics here, so follow the formats on the submissions page and prepare for edits, rewrites and a $25 sum after publication.

Travel Outward
Looking for a story of the senses portraying a unique destination combined with history, culture, people and your own melodic adventure?  TravelOutward.com is a place for your craft to evolve, develop and be shared via publication, focusing on that preferred destination.  This is not a place to divulge romantic sojourns in the arms of the jet stream’s cherubs, but a community narrowed down to intelligence and knowledge.
Editor(s): Laurence Constable & Harman Stinson
Submissions: Features from 1,500-2,500 words should be attached to an email to Travel Outward as a Word doc. that includes a brief bio with “Submission” in the subject line.

Devotion 3 (Statues-of-Chinta)

EscapeArtist Travel Magazine
Not for the faint hearted, EscapeArtist.com seeks the daring, the challenging, those who live, travel and express on the edge…possibly the cusp of insanity.  But the publication is not out to offend, simply to present intelligent writing about culture with history, purpose and flares of risqué.
Editor(s): n/a
Submissions: An article between 1,500-3,000 words flavored with the ribald and the daring that highlights a cultural expedition through the heart of the unknown.  Should be completed and either faxed or sent via email.  Check the Article Submission page for specifics.

Welcome to the worldwide writer’s circle of fellow explorers.  Set up as an online magazine, TravelMag.co.uk wants whatever you got, as long as it reads well, structured with a unique perspective and offers an angle that is possibly more esoteric than your standard publication.
Editor(s): Jack Barker
Submissions:  Travel away, then write away.  If your article is interesting, unique, lively, filled with senses and intelligently composed at an approximate word count of 2,000 send ‘err off in an email with accompanying photographs to ed@travelmag.co.uk

InTheFray Magazine
At InTheFray.org, writers are provided with a plethora of categories from reporting international news to travel narratives and today’s evolving art world.  This publication seeks everything that is cleverly written and allows readers to be a part of a progressive evolution.  Race, gender, activism, sexuality and ecological impacts are center stage.
Editor(s): Vivian Wagner, Annette Marie Hyder, Anja Tranovich, Matthew Heller, Liz Yuan & Naomi Ishiguro
Submissions: Check out the various sections featured in the publication, format your article to its specifics and submit your finalized piece including full name, email address and phone number to the designated editor of your selected category.  Pay ranges between $20-$75.

Get Lost Magazine
Seeking travel, adventure, natural history and lifestyle writing, GetLostMagazine.com is an award-winner with stories ranging from the basic facts and tips to the more daring adventure of description and risk.  Who eats acorns?  One man does, and he chose to write about it, discovering flavors akin to billy goat semen.  Not sure about either of those tastes.
Editor(s): Leslie Strom
Submissions:  Articles should be under 1,000 words and fall into the distinguished character of “top-notch”.  Paste article into the body of an email with accompanying photographs formatted as .jpeg or .gif and send to lstrom@getlostmagazine.com.  Don’t expect payment upon publication.

In The Know Traveler
You wanna be In The Know.  Readers wanna be In The Know.  So get In The Know and write to inspire.  InTheKnowTraveler.com’s number one priority is to inspire travel with acceptance and appreciation.  Readers of this online magazine want to learn about the world’s diverse cultures and those funky destinations, not in investigative reporting, but in the skillfully written articles about your traveling.
Editor(s): n/a
Submission: Correct grammar and punctuation, somewhere between 400-600 words, and send it on in with photographs to editor@intheknowtraveler.com.  Time to get published, but before you receive a whopping $10, be prepared to edit to the editors liking.  Then you’re In The Know.

Pain 1 (Thoughts-of-Another-Home)

Advice?  Keep traveling.  Keep writing.  Keep photographing.  Keep doing whatever you’re doing as long as you’re happy and respecting those around you.  You’ll be in the know no matter who publishes you.  Such is the traveler’s life.


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